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Directors and Officers

The Directors and Officers of your corporation are the faces of your business. Being in the forefront of the company exposes them to a greater risk of lawsuits. Protect the people who manage your operations and employees with Directors and Officers Insurance.

A Directors and Officers insurance policy will cover the legal costs should legal action be taken for internal mismanagement. Claims usually result from errors in judgment, breaches of duty and wrongful acts in connection with company business. Directors and Officers may be liable if they:

-Misappropriate a corporate asset for personal use or use elsewhere.
-Commingle business and personal assets.
-Breach their legal duty to the company.
-Fail to disclose potential or actual conflicts of interest.

At Lake Insurance we have agents that specialize in Directors and Officers insurance and are ready to sit down with you to analyze your situation and level of risk to find you the perfect policy.

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