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Business Auto

Being a business owner is hard work. You’re responsible for your employees, finances, operations, marketing and the list goes on and on. As the boss you have enough to worry about, if you have employees driving for you or if you drive on behalf of your business, avoid potential disaster by investing in a Business Auto Insurance policy.

You may think that you or your employees’ personal auto insurance policy will cover you should you or they be involved in an accident driving a business-owned or leased vehicle, but that may not be true. It’s important to secure a Business Auto Insurance policy to be certain that you’re protected.

If you or any of your employees get into an accident, you could be liable for bodily injuries, lost wages and damage caused. With a Business Auto policy you will be protected from having to cover those costs out-of-pocket. Most policies include collision and damage coverage as well as coverage for property and personal damage to others.

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