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Cyber Liability

There’s no question that the internet dominates today’s business landscape. The benefits of the world wide web in all areas of business operations are countless. But, along with the advancements that have come from the internet are a number of risks that could negatively effect your business.

According to the Computer Security Institute, the leading causes of financial losses are virus attacks, unauthorized access to networks, lost or stolen laptops or mobile hardware, and theft of proprietary information or intellectual property. Protect yourself and your business with a Cyber Insurance policy.

A cyber policy protects against:

-Unauthorized use of electronic data through viruses
-Network intrusions
-Failure to safeguard another party’s electronic data
-Loss of income due to online business interruption

Standard insurance policies may not provide cyber protection as the risks are relatively new and constantly evolving. Allow the insurance experts at Lake Insurance to assess your risks and customize the perfect policy for your business.

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