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Personal Article Floater

Did you know that your homeowners insurance policy does not cover your valuable articles such as, jewelry, fine art, and collectors’ items? Most homeowners policies place a limit on coverage provided for valuables. Protect your most precious possessions with a Personal Article Floater insurance policy.

Our insurance experts at Lake Insurance will sit down with you and do an assessment of your articles to determine the appropriate amount of coverage for your situation should your valuables be lost or damaged.

Coverages can include:
-Itemized coverage, plus pairs, sets, and collections.
-Protection against breakage.
-Coverage for newly purchased items.
-Replacement at full value.
-Protection worldwide.

Should you require assistance in the appraisal of your items, we can help with that as well. Click on the link to get your personal article floater quote and connect to a Lake Insurance expert who will make sure your valuables are protected at the lowest cost to you.