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Condo Owner

Purchasing a condominium or townhouse is an exciting accomplishment and a great deal of responsibility. Make sure you and your investment are protected with a Condo Owner’s insurance policy. As a condo or townhouse owner you have unique insurance needs; not only are you responsible for your unit, but you also share ownership of common areas such as the overall structure of your building. Our insurance experts will help you obtain the right policy to afford you the protection you need.

Typical Condo Owner’s Insurance Policies cover:

-Personal possessions
-Kitchen and bath facilities
-Upgrades and improvements

Your association dues typically cover upkeep and maintenance of shared areas such as: roof, lobby, elevator, boiler, walkways, etc. To find out exactly what’s covered and what you may be responsible for read your association’s bylaws/proprietary lease. If you have any questions, we are here to help and can assist in determining what coverage you need.

Additional Coverage to Consider:

-Umbrella – An extra level of protection, covers claims your other insurance policies won’t cover.

-Flood and Earthquake – Covers cleaning and replacing furniture, personal belongings, repairing or rebuilding of structure, and temporary accommodations.

-Personal Article Floater – Covers valuable possessions not covered in regular policy.

As always we will work hard to get you the maximum amount of discounts possible.

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